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Net Zero – practical understanding and implementation

LJC are going to be running a practical course in understanding and implementing your journey to net zero. Please contact if you are interested in being part of this journey.

The course will be delivered online in three half days slots 9-30 until 13-00 on the 31st March - 28th April - 26th May - one to one support will be provided between session to ensure that the skills learnt during the course are put into practise.

This three part course is designed to provide delegates with a thorough understanding of net zero & carbon footprinting and to help to start the delegate’s company on their journey towards net zero. All delegates subscribing to the full package will received three half day carbon courses, each building on the last one. In addition there are three online one to one coaching sessions ensuring that the outcomes of the course are realized for their organisations and a year’s membership to the a new carbon and sustainability network where they can share idea and best practice with like minded business and access information about the latest legislative changes.

The first part of the course provides explanations of some of the language of carbon and net zero and challenges the delegates to think about how they and their organization fit into the carbon conversation. Key topics include:

1. What is net zero and why should I be interested ?

2. What are the business and environmental benefits?

3. What Obligations do I have?

The second stage of the course will build upon the initial commitment to provide some quantification of the business’s current impact in terms of carbon. Key topics are shown below and each delegate will be provided with a toolkit to calculate their scope 1 and 3 footprint.

  1. What should I measure ?

  2. How do I measure energy and carbon?

  3. Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions

  4. Embodied Carbon – what is it and how do I calculate it?

The final stage of the course is for delegates to develop a quantified plan to show how they will get from their current position to ‘net zero’ within their given time scale. Delegates will be provided with strategies and case studies to help them to plan their future carbon journey. This includes topics such as:

  1. Energy Efficiency

  2. Decarbonising Demand

  3. Renewables

  4. Ongoing management

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