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Back on the road again ...

Today was my first site visit since March. My first site visit since everything changed. My first site visit since COVID 19 lockdown.

Sure, I've done the zoom meetings, the teleconferences and the microsoft teams but today marked a day of starting to go back to normal.

My host had taken remarkable steps to ensure worker and visitor safety. I was required to answer some questions as part of a screening process. These sort of question sets have been used within the food manufacturing industry for some time so nothing new for me there. For the first time ever though; my temperature was taken on arrival at site and prior to admittance to the building. I'm pleased to say I passed.

What wasn't new and was so nice to get back to, was working face to face with a client (at a safe two meter distance obviously). As great as the new technologies are and there are definitely a few that we will all be keeping hold of, there sometimes is just no substitute for a proper 'old fashioned' meeting.

At LJC we build long lasting relationships with our clients, that is the way we believe we all work at our best. I'm very pleased to say we are starting to get back on the road to normal again.

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