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Happy Birthday

It has been a year since I started LJC! Crikey that has gone quickly and what a strange year it has been. Just thought I'd share a few thoughts in case anyone reads anything I post in this place.

In times of trouble you really get to know who your friends are. It's been a tough year for everyone this year, even if you haven't been directly touched by the loss of loved ones this year and pandemic have been difficult times for all. So much uncertainty, confusion, anger and fear out there. There are however still plenty of people that you can rely on to help, offer support or generally have a whinge to. Good people and good businesses. LJC has been extremely fortunate to have a core of great businesses that we work with to keep us out of too much mischief during the last six months.

We are getting back to normal again, kids back in schools this week(whatever your thoughts on the safety and wisdom behind that). Mine are grudgingly looking forward to seeing their friends again and returning to something like the routine they had before. As much as I have enjoyed their company I'm also looking forward to some quieter work time and fewer requests for 'can i just have ...'. The maths element of my brain can also go back into hibernation after a testing time of GCSE level questions.

Change. This year has seen a pace of change like non other I can remember. 'Necessity is the mother of invention', so they say and more working from home and particularly video conferencing have been things we have been talking about for years and been told just wont work (some branches of the press are still telling us that). I'd never even heard of 'zoom' in March and 'teams' was something other people used. Just look at us now though, virtual training rooms, remote audits, even the pub quiz can be done from the comfort of your own home. Yes, it might not be quite the same, but I think most have been pleasantly surprised at how good it actually is. Throw into the mix the extra time for that all important work/life balance and the environmental benefits of no commute and working from home has been a proven success for most and is here to stay.

All in all it might not have been the easiest year to start a new business but we have made it through twelve months intact and eager for more. Thank you to all who have supported us, it is massively appreciated and we look forward to an equally exciting second year.

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